Businessman that lives in Puerto Rico knows two things about our climate for manufacturing and distribution: it’s unpredictable and enormously complex.  You’re tackling national and international markets, dealing with ever-increasing regulatory pressures, feeling the squeeze from tighter banking and financial practices, elimination of US Tax Code Section 936’s tax benefits, and facing increased competition from everywhere.  Consumer-facing businesses cope with a host  of challenges as more customers come online around the world.  In the fast-arriving connected economy, old loyalties are being challenged and consumers have evolved a new set of expectations.

At BAKER TILLY PUERTO RICO, CPA’s, PSC our goal is to help our clients maximize their profits.  To achieve success, we focus on production, management and finance.  Processes and product improvements form the basis of our manufacturing practice.  We assist management in assessing and improving their companies business processes.  This includes optimizing product and product quality, reducing production and material costs, and shortening design development time, as well as improving management and financial processes.

Our consumer business clients include manufacturers of all kind of products, wholesalers/distributors, and retailers.  Also included are companies that grow, manufacture, or sell food products; distribution and logistic services; consumer services; lodging and leisure; and motor vehicle dealers.

At BAKER TILLY PUERTO RICO, CPA’s, PSC we understand the unique needs of our clients require more than an off-the-shelf approach.

Manufacturing Resources Planning

Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP), is an integration of JIT (Just-In-Time) and TQM (Total Quality Management).  It is a close loop management process that provides a common understanding of WHAT, HOW MUCH, and WHEN is required to make a company successful, both operationally and financially.